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Gynecology Services Arizona

Gynecology is extremely important for women’s reproductive health. It is used to help patients with a range of services, including menstruation, sexual health, hormone disorders, pregnancy and childbirth, health screenings, menopause, and more. Therefore it is important to form a relationship with your gynecologist so you feel comfortable with them.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Why Trust Alium Health for expert women’s gynecology care?

Alium Health provides accessible and trustworthy women’s gynecology services in Goodyear and Scottsdale, Arizona. We are proud to have:


  • 35 years of experience in healthcare.

  • Community-based doctors.

  • State-licensed providers.

  • Integrated women’s care.

  • Priority in healing all aspects of physical, mental and social health.

  • A one-stop shop with consistency across appointments.

Our women’s gynecology services.

At Alium Health, we are committed to providing an excellent quality of healthcare to all women, in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer gynecology services for women at all ages and in all circumstances, and our gynecology center services include:

Diagnosis of reproductive system disorders such as Endometriosis

Pap tests

Treatment of ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and more

Cancer screenings



Testing and treatment for vaginal conditions



Women’s health


In addition to our gynecology services, we also offer other women’s healthcare services, such as well-woman exams, mental health services, and female health services, to ensure the best possible healthcare is given to all women.

Why should a woman see a gynecologist?

Seeing a gynecologist is important in maintaining good feminine health, and the preventative care that a gynecologist provides may help you to avoid further issues or complications. The professional and knowledgeable team at Alium Health are committed to providing an excellent quality of care to advise, support and educate women through a range of different issues.

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