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Primary Care

Health & Wellness

Annual check-ups and well-woman visits will catch issues before they become problems.


Manage your medication and make sure you are taking the correct medicine and dose to be effective.

Chronic Care Management

Our team works to support you and your specialist to get you through the pain of a chronic disease.


Cough and colds happen all year.  Make sure that you are back on your feet as fast as possible.

Primary Care

Alium Health offers primary care to women 18 years and older.  We focus on health and wellness for women and the issues they face.  With a team approach that addresses preventative care as well as treatment of acute and chronic illness, our patient centered approach to care addresses all aspects of care.  Our warm supportive staff work hard to integrate physical and mental health into a care plan that maximizes success and minimizes stress and wasted time.


Why should everyone have a primary care provider?

A Primary Care Provider is important to help you stay healthy. A PCP can be the first to treat any health problems that arise. Finding a PCP, you can partner with for long-term care and regular checkups will help ensure a holistic health outcome.

A healthy relationship with your PCP can help you detect and manage a wide range of health issues. Your Primary Care Provider can teach you how to live a healthier life. They will assist you with regular check-ups and preventative medicine screening for general and genetic diseases. Look for a PCP that fits your personality and needs.

Regular visits to your Primary care provider can sometimes help you catch potential health problems early before they become severe. Patients that have a PCP tend to spend less time in the hospital and less money on medical costs in the long run.

A PCP gives you complete care over your lifetime. Your Primary Care Provider will know when you need more advanced care, like a hospital procedure or a specialist.


What can a primary care provider do at checkups?

  • Improve your current knowledge and help you make better decisions about your health to prevent disease. For example, your PCP can guide efforts to assist with quitting smoking, eating more nutritious foods and managing stress.

  • Assist with keeping your vaccines up to date to help prevent illnesses like the flu.

  • Suggest preventative screening tests to detect problems before they become a concern such as a mammogram for breast cancer.

  • Treat health problems that pop up such as a rash or an infection.

  • Help you manage long-term health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or depression.

  • Find a medical specialist if you need one like a knee surgeon or a heart doctor.


What does a primary care provider do?

Primary Care Providers have a long-term relationship with you, helping you stay healthy or get better when you’re sick. Your PCP will be your partner, sharing the responsibility for your overall physical and mental health.

Primary Care Providers are called general practitioners because they cover all different types of everyday health concerns. Your PCP can answer questions about infections, chronic conditions, or medicines. With regular visits, such as annual health checkups, your PCP can get to know about you:

  • Your current state of health.

  • Your medical history.

  • Your family’s medical history.

  • Your treatment preferences and daily challenges.

  • Your personality and lifestyle.


How is Alium Health's primary care different from others?

The way Alium Health delivers primary care is different than most other pcp offices in that we are fully integrated with behavioral  health.  We believe in it so much that we have providers at every level to provide the support that a patient might need.  By offering mental health as part of primary care, we believe that the improvement in your health will set us apart from other providers.

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