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Patient Resources

We understand that navigating healthcare can be challenging.  We provide as much assistance to our patients as needed to minimize the headaches.  Please see the information below that may answer or assist you with understanding Alium and its medical and behavioral health services.

Insurance Consultation
Homework Help

Insurances Accepted

What is the John Elliott Foundation and why do you work with them?


The John Elliott Foundation (FEF) is a non-profit company that provides education, connections, resources and support that create the best pregnancy in every circumstance.


We value the support we get from JEF.  We have been working with them for over 3 years to support our mothers.  They have helped with baby essentials like cribs, diapers, baby clothes and so much more.  They have provided clothes and financial support for our mothers.  Things like money for a down payment on a car, to moving expenses to boots for a job, they have provided so much for the mothers we have in our care.


You can learn more about JEF at this link.

What does a primary care provider do?

Primary Care Providers have a long-term relationship with you, helping you stay healthy or get better when you’re sick. Your PCP will be your partner, sharing the responsibility for your overall physical and mental health.

Primary Care Providers are called general practitioners because they cover all different types of everyday health concerns. Your PCP can answer questions about infections, chronic conditions, or medicines. With regular visits, such as annual health checkups, your PCP can get to know about you:

  • Your current state of health.

  • Your medical history.

  • Your family’s medical history.

  • Your treatment preferences and daily challenges.

  • Your personality and lifestyle.


How is Alium Health's primary care different from others?

The way Alium Health delivers primary care is different than most other pcp offices in that we are fully integrated with behavioral  health.  We believe in it so much that we have providers at every level to provide the support that a patient might need.  By offering mental health as part of primary care, we believe that the improvement in your health will set us apart from other providers.

Our Partners

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