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Fertility Care

When you are trying for a baby but struggling to conceive, it can be stressful, disappointing, and frustrating, among other things. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time in your life, that’s why the team at Alium Health are here to help.


Alium Health’s dedicated women’s care professionals will listen to, and help you through your fertility care journey. We have designed our fertility support and treatment with you in mind, and we aim to provide holistic support to you and your family.

Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

What is Fertility Care?

Fertility care is medical services and support provided for those who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child or who have concerns about their reproductive health.

Types of Fertility Treatment

The types of fertility treatment involved in our fertility care services include:

IVF Treatment

IVF is one of the most common types of fertility treatment. During IVF, eggs are fertilized with sperm in a lab, which is then transferred back into your uterus to grow. The entire process (referred to as a cycle) takes an average of 7 weeks.



ICSI involves injecting a single healthy sperm directly into an egg. It is a fertilisation method that’s used during IVF treatment, and is usually used in male fertility problems.

Elective Freeze

In IVF treatment, your embryo is transferred a few days after your egg collection, and any remaining suitable embryos are frozen. Elective freeze is a process where your embryos are frozen before being placed back into the uterus.

IUI Treatment

IUI treatment is a process that puts healthy sperm directly into the uterus during your natural ovulation cycle. It’s less invasive and complex than other forms of IVF and fertility treatment, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Women’s Specialist Fertility Care

Alium Health specialize in healthcare for women, and this includes OBGYN and fertility care. OBGYN care plays a vital role in supporting women’s reproductive health, and fertility care helps to support this health by providing specialist fertility care and support for women through conceiving a child, or through reproductive health concerns.

How should you take care of yourself during fertility treatment?

Self care during fertility treatment is vital, both for your physical health and your mental health, and for the health of your baby. Alium Health’s fertility care package supports both your physical and mental health, and ensures you and your family are well looked after.

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