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Patient being supported by family

The Alium Difference

It all starts with our name.  “Alium” means DIFFERENT in Latin.  Our mission is to provide better care to our patient and we cannot do that by following the current models of healthcare.  We looked at the standard of care and felt that we could do better.  We identified several key areas that other clinics and providers were missing which dpes not result in better outcomes.


Integrated Care


Alium Health and Wellness is licensed by the state of Arizona as an INTEGRATED health care clinic.  Integrated care is a patient-centered care model that focuses on meeting the patient where they are in life across multiple facets. It is an approach to healthcare that uses a high degree of collaboration and communication among health professionals to ensure all aspects of a patient's health has been addressed.

Integrated care brings together the different providers involved in the patient’s care so that, from the patient’s perspective, all of the services delivered are consistent and coordinated. Oftentimes, other providers focus on single episodes rather than the patient's overall well-being. At Alium Health and Wellness, we strive to provide the best integrated women’s medical and psycho-social healthcare in Arizona.

Integrated Mental Health


Being integrated includes all areas of health and life, here at Alium Health and Wellness we incorporate mental health into all aspects of our care.  If we do not heal the mental issues, the body will never heal fully.  So, whether you come for a primary care visit or OBGYN, we will ask about your mental health and address anything you bring forward.  Our team of behavioral health providers are experienced in all areas that affect women.  Read more here.




Our providers take the time to hear your concerns and then help educate you on the issue and the choices you have to treat it.  Our office visits are as long as you need.  The goal is to make sure that you understand your issue.  We provide plenty of handouts, brochures and references to make sure you leave educated.  And if it is too much at once, there are classes, therapists and Care Coordinators to help when you are ready.  


Care Coordination

Because medicine is so complex, doctors have specialized to focus on single body systems.  For example, a cardiologist specializes in heart issues and a neurologist specializes in nerves.

It is not uncommon for a patient to receive a referral to a specialist.  The problem nowadays is that there is not enough staff to make sure the notes, treatment plan, and findings from that referral are relayed to the original provider, who is often the patient’s main provider. 

We believe that it is our job to make sure that we have all the records, notes, tests etc so that our team can make the best decisions for your health.  We use a Care Coordinator to respond to other providers and make sure that we are communicating about your health. 

Care Coordinators are advocates for our patients. They are here to find resources a patient may need for their specified health plan.  They frequently check in with our patients to confirm results and triage medical or behavioral health needs before they become a bigger problem.

Community Resource Management

Another aspect of Alium and Wellness is that we want to give you the connections in the community to help solve your deepest health and social concerns.  We have a resource list that has been compiled and vetted to make sure that our partners are providing the same great service to our patients that is provided by our practice.  We help with housing, transportation and so much more.  All patients at Alium Health and Wellness have access to a Care Coordinator.  They are not always needed, but when they are, they extend a helping hand.

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