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Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

In November 2022, Alium partnered with Mercy Care Arizona, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) to create, develop, and implement a program designed to treat Serious Mental Illness (SMI) in a female specific population. Alium will be providing comprehensive, integrated health services to SMI determined clients. These services will include case management, care coordination, psychiatric services and clinical treatment (therapy) services for adult females with an SMI determination for services. 


The term seriously mentally ill refers to a person who as a result of a mental disorder exhibits emotional or behavioral functioning that is so impaired as to interfere substantially with their capacity to remain in the community without supportive treatment or services of a long-term or indefinite duration. In these persons mental disability is severe and persistent, resulting in a long-term limitation of their functional capacities for primary activities of daily living such as interpersonal relationships, homemaking, self-care, employment and recreation.” Without care, an individual with an SMI designation is at higher risk for deterioration of both their mental and physical health, increased hospitalizations, and potential homelessness and incarceration. 


At Alium Health, we strive to provide the best clinical care to assist and care for those who suffer from a serious mental illness. We offer support and resources to alleviate some of the life stressors that come with a diagnosis of a serious mental illness. We will treat our patients without judgment, stigma, in a warm, caring compassionate environment to help our patients live the best life possible. 

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