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Other Mental Health Services

Here are some extra services that Alium Health and Wellness provides.  Take a look at what we offer.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling is a form of psychotherapy that is centered around improving your relationship with your partner. Couples counseling can address a wide range of relationship issues, including recurring conflicts, feeling disconnected, an affair, issues related to sex, or difficulties due to external stressors.


Couples therapy can help you at any stage of your relationship, regardless of marital status, age, race, faith or sexual orientation. Couples counseling is typically a short-term form of therapy.

Couples Therapy
Life coaching

Mental Health Testing

In many ways a psychological test or assessment is similar to a medical test or assessment. Psychological tests and other assessment tools are used to measure and observe a patient's behavior or characteristics to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment. Psychological assessments are used in addition to a clinical interview with a patient to collect information about what a patient is experiencing and how a clinical or clinical team can best meet that patient's needs or reduce symptoms. 

Alium Health is currently offering psychological assessments for the following areas:

  • ADHD 

  • Personality traits/characteristics

  • Diagnostic Clarification


Spravato is a nasal spray that uses Esketamine to treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD).  These disorders are serious and can be very frustrating and painful for those who suffer from them.  Spravato has been seen to improve both of these disorders remarked

Happy Woman
Support Groups

Group Counseling

Human beings are social and often benefit from talking in a group setting with others like individuals. Group therapy allows a person to talk in confidence about what challenging life experiences you are having and how to help yourself overcome them. Regularly talking and listening to others helps put your own problems in perspective. It allows you to realize that you are not the only one struggling and you may discover creative solutions that have worked for your peers. The group is led by a licensed clinician with specialized training in the group topic, who will provide you and others in the group with research-based strategies for managing specific problems. Group therapy has demonstrated success in promoting assertiveness, building community, resolving feelings and gaining greater appreciation for all that life offers.

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