Alium Health will begin treating qualified patients suffering from Moderate to Severe postpartum depression in Phoenix, Arizona with ZULRESSO™.

Alium Health specializes in postpartum depression and utilizes all appropriate therapies to treat this common devastating problem. That is why Alium is excited to be working with Sage Therapeutics to provide Zulresso™. In fact, Alium Health was the first approved site in Arizona to be authorized to use ZULRESSO™.

The FDA approved ZULRESSO™ in March 2019. Commercial availability is expected in June 2019. This means that women suffering from postpartum depression will have another option to get better.

ZULRESSO™ is a drug that is administered as an intravenous treatment over 60 hours. The patient will need to stay in our facility under medical supervision during the treatment. The reason for this is the number one side effect of the drug is sleepiness.

Alium Health has been designing the best way to administer this exciting new drug in the safest most comfortable setting for a patient.

Women suffering from postpartum depression will have a thorough evaluation. If ZULRESSO™ is recommended, the mother will be immediately put into our program.

If you think you or one of your patients might need ZULRESSO™, call (480) 750-0095 and speak to us. We can help identify if they qualify for the treatment.

To read more about Sage Therapeutics and ZULRESSO™ please click here.