Alium Health has $25,000 to address Social Determinants of Health*

Do you or someone you know struggle with…

 getting a job • having food on the table • keeping a roof over your head • paying rent • access to health care • needing a GED • health problems • access to healthy food • getting to school or work • home repair • having a safe environment

Domestic Violence

Paid movers to get Patient out of a violent situation

Home Repair

Paid electrician to restore power to a Patient's home

Utility Assistance

Provided a Patient with resources to help pay utilities

Baby Needs

Provided diapers, a car seat, bottles, and wipes

Rental Assistance

Provided a Patient with resources to help pay rent

Most insurance plans accepted, including AHCCCS!


Must become an Alium patient

Complete an intake with Care Coordinator

Continue to work with Care Coordinator and recommended Providers


*Mercy Care Community Reinvestment Grant through the Elliott Foundation

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Influences from a person’s environment that have a direct impact on their health.

  • Housing

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Childcare

  • Employment

  • Education

  • Finances

  • Personal Safety

Impact of Unaddressed SDOH

The impact of untreated Social Determinants:

  • Stress

  • Lower Self-esteem

  • Poor health

  • Codependence

  • Domestic Violance

  • Child Abuse/Neglect

  • Dangerous Environment

  • Poor Nutrition

  • Homelessness

  • Incarceration

Life Stressor
Relief Program

With a 20 minute assessment, our Care Coordinators will help identify stressors in your life.  Without judgement or disrespect, they will use the LSRP to:

  • Offer Community Resources

  • Offer Monetary Assistance

  • Minimize/Eliminate Stressors

  • Establish a Relationship of Trust

  • Increase Overall Health & Wellness


LSRP Recipient Alium was able to provide a single, pregnant, mother of three with diapers, wipes, an infant car seat, and repaired her home stovetop. She can now provide nutritious meals for her family and transport her new baby safely. LSRP Recipient Alium was able to cover the cost of moving a mother out of a domestic violence situation and into a safe environment. LSRP Recipient Alium helped a single, pregnant, mother with three older children and no support with baby necessities including diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes, an infant car seat, a pack and play, as well as a grooming and medical kit.

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