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Maternal Mental Health – overview

World Health Organization – Maternal Mental Health
Overview of Postpartum Depression:
National Institute of Mental Health
American Journal of Clinical Medicine
CDC Depression Among Women
Hospitals Know How to Protect Mothers. They Just Aren’t Doing It.

Postpartum Depression Risk Factors & Interventions – which patients are the most vulnerable?
Literature Review of Risk Factors & Interventions
Many Women Do Not Disclose Postpartum Mood Symptoms, Survey Finds

Treatment of Perinatal Depression – what are the best treatment practices?
Improving Depression Treatment: Integrating a Collaborative Care Depression Intervention into OB-GYN Care
Identification, Screening & Treatment of Postpartum Depression
Treatment of Depression in Pregnant & Nonpregnant Women
National Institute for Health Care Management

Prevention of Postpartum Depression – can perinatal interventions prevent postpartum mood & anxiety disorders?

Use of Interpersonal Therapy perinatally to prevent Postpartum Depression in women on public assistance

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Draft Recommendation: Use of therapy interventions to prevent PMAD development

Prevalence & Trends of Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders – how many are affected?
Centers for Disease Control
Prevalence of Self-Reported Postpartum Depressive Symptoms

Effects of Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders – how do PMAD’s affect the child?
Persistent & Severe Postnatal Depression & Child Outcomes

Advocates for Regular Perinatal Depression Screening
American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
United States Preventive Services Task Force
Postpartum Support International
American Medical Association

How to Incorporate Screening Into Your Practice
American Academy of Pediatrics
AHCCCS Toolkit

Personal Accounts from Mothers Themselves
I Wanted to Abort my IVF Baby

Infertility & Assisted Reproduction: Cancer

American Society of Clinical Oncology Recommendations on Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Fertility After Cancer

Maintaining Fertility in Young Women with Breast Cancer

Effectiveness of Sperm Banking in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer

Prospective Study of Fertility Concerns and Preservation Strategies in Young Women With Breast Cancer

Fertility Preservation in Female Cancer Patients: Current Developments and Future Directions

Fertility Preservation and Reproduction in Cancer Patients

Emotional Distress in Infertile Women and Failure of Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Meta-Analysis of Prospective Psychosocial Studies

Consistency in Insurance Coverage for Iatrogenic Conditions Resulting From Cancer Treatment Including Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation for Female Cancer Patients: Early Clinical Experience

Racial, Socioeconomic, and Demographic Disparities in Access to Fertility Preservation in Young Women Diagnosed with Cancer

Which Patients Pursue Fertility Preservation Treatments? A Multi-Center Analysis of the Predictors of Fertility Preservation in Women with Breast Cancer

Factors Associated with Disposition of Cryopreserved Reproductive Tissue

It’s Now or Never: Fertility-Related Knowledge, Decision-Making Preferences, and Treatment Intentions in Young Women With Breast Cancer

Health-Related Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients: A Bibliographic Review of the Literature from 1974 to 2007

Course of Distress and Quality of Life in Testicular Cancer Patients Before, During, and After Chemotherapy

Souvenir Children: Death and Rebirth

Determinants of Access to Fertility Preservation in Women with Breast Cancer

Pre-treatment Fertility Counseling and Fertility Preservation Improve Quality of Life in Reproductive Age Women with Cancer

Infertility & Assisted Reproduction:

Attitudes of High-Risk Women Toward Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Risk Factors for Psychiatric Disorders in Infertile Women and Men Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Psychological Distress and In Vitro Fertilization Outcome

Coping Style and Depression Level Influence and Outcome in In Vitro Fertilization

ESHRE Task Force on Ethics and Law 11: Posthumous Assisted Reproduction

The Fertility Problem Inventory: Measuring Perceived Infertility-Related Stress

The Risks of SSRI Use in Infertile Women: A Review of the Impact on Fertility, Pregnancy, Neonatal Health and Beyond

A Prospective Study of Stress Among Women Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization or Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer

Stress and Anxiety Scores in First and Repeat IVF Cycles: A Pilot Study

Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Infertile Women and Men Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Anonymous Oocyte Donation – A Follow-Up Analysis of Donors’ Experiences

Gender Differences in Coping with Infertility: A Meta-Analysis

Predictors of Distress in Women Being Treated for Infertility (Preview Document)

Predictors of Psychological Distress Among Infertility Clinic Patients

Stress Levels Across Stages of In Vitro Fertilization in Subsequently Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women

Anxiety and Perceptive Functioning of Infertile Women During In-Vitro Fertilization: An Exploratory Survey of an Italian Sample

A Prospective, Longitudinal Study of Emotions and Relationships in In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Impact on Group Psychological Interventions on Pregnancy Rates in Infertile Women

Depression is Common Following Successful IVF

Impact of Infertility Treatment on Risk for Depression and Anxiety

The Mind/Body Program for Infertility: A New Behavioral Treatment Approach for Women with Infertility

Psychological Improvement in Infertile Women After Behavioral Treatment: A Replication

Efficacy of Psychosocial Interventions for Psychological and Pregnancy Outcomes in Infertile Women and Men – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Does Diet Affect Sleep?

Lower Fatty Acid Levels in Pregnancy May Up Early Preterm Birth Risk

Folic Acid Benefits Go Beyond Preventing Birth Defects


Suffering in Silence: Reasons for Not Disclosing Depression in Primary Care

Assessment of Psychological Distress in Prospective Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

Legal Issues Related to Parenthood After Cancer