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Alium Health Marketing Fliers

We want you to have our information at your fingertips.  You may want to have a digital or a printed copy of our marketing materials.  Choose a digital copy by downloading a copy or complete the form and we will deliver the requested forms to your office.

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Primary Care Trifold

A brochure that highlights some of our primary care services.  Use this flier when a patient does not have a primary care or when they need really good diabetic management.


Substance Use

A flier that describes our approach to treating SUD.  It lists the services and our approach to treating SUD.



A brochure that highlights our approach to medical nutrition therapy.  It shows that we take a team approach in order to have the best chance at success.


Therapy PD/PPD

One of our most popular service lines is behavioral health.  This brochure helps to start the conversation about getting treatment and how we can be part of that care plan.


Life Stressor Relief Program

A flier about our Social Determinants of Health program.  Funded by a grant, it is there to address social issues that affect a patient's health.  We have fixed stoves, helped in a move and so much more.


Women's Nutrition Program

This is a flier about a program to provide free healthy prepared meals to our patients.  This grant in partnership with Mom's Meals, is meant to reduce stress and anxiety around meals, nutrition and hunger.

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