Meeting in groups for behavioral health issues allows for people to know they are not alone and that there are others who share similar struggles. As people meet in behavioral health groups they have the opportunity to receive support and offer support to others. Issues and concerns are brought forward and addressed from multiple points of view, allowing time for participants to bond, grow, and learn. Meeting in groups with people of different social and ethnic backgrounds helps develop good communication and socialization skills and learning how to express concerns and accept criticism from others.

Social Skills

Skills in verbal, nonverbal, written and visual forms of communication. In a group, social skills can be enhanced by:

  • Creating New Friendships

  • Learning Appropriate Communication

  • Bonding Over Common Topics

  • Providing Perspective to Others

  • Learning and Practicing Empathy

Life Skills

Skills that are helpful in facing life challenges and in maintaining overall health and wellness. Some life skills groups can provide are:

  • Self Care

  • Stress Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Coping with Emotions

  • Self-awareness

Resources and Education

Materials or knowledge provided to a person to obtain a goal. Groups provide these resources and education by:

  • Resume Building

  • Job Resources

  • Peer Knowledge

  • Topic Related Discussions

  • Materials Provided During Groups


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