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Alium Health | About Us

Inspired Passionate Care for Women

Alium Health was conceived in 2015 and officially opened in 2017. As an integrated health home that places women at the core of its care model, Alium looks to breakdown all barriers to care.  By addressing whole health-mind and body, patients are getting the healing needed to cope with the pressures and stress of new societal expectations.

Our Mission is to inspire and improve the lives of women through passionate, holistic, evidenced based, and integrative care. 

Our Beliefs

Alium means "different" in latin. We take that word earnestly. We practice care for our patients quite differently than most other clinics. Alium Health is an integrated clinic that provides medical and behavioral health to women with a unique approach. Our one-stop-shop appeals to women looking to treat their medical and behavioral health needs effectively.  Our patients seek an innovative practice that meets their needs when and where they are.

Pregnancy Checkup

Our Story

Support Groups

Our entire team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing strong relationships with our patients.  Since many of them are faced with difficult life challenges, we believe that only with these solid relationships will we be able to build trust in our providers, their care plans and increase patient engagement.

Social Determinents

Sometimes in life there are barriers more prominent than one’s health. Food and shelter are examples of concerns that often precede health.  By addressing basic life needs with community and company resources we are able to remove obstacles to healthier lives. 


Trying to help a patient is often complex and too much for one provider to handle.  Alium’s providers use interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration to address patient concerns. The benefit of working in this fashion is that providers learn, grow and enjoy their work more. 


We are non-judgmental and strive to be positive in everything we do.  We never shy from doing the right thing. We work hard to show empathy, and realize that patients are doing the best they can.  We hope that we can provide a safe and supportive environment where they can find success in health and life.


Our Partners

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