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Integrated Care for Women

Physical, Mental, Behavioral and Social Health

Our Mission is to inspire and improve the lives of women through passionate, holistic, evidenced based, and integrative care.

Alium means "different" in latin. We take that word earnestly. We practice care for our patients differently than most other clinics. Alium Health is an integrated clinic that provides medical and behavioral health to women with a unique approach. Our one-stop-shop appeals to women looking to treat their medical and behavioral health concerns effectively.  Our patients seek an innovative practice that meets their needs when and where they are.


Our entire team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing strong relationships with our patients.


Trying to help a patient is often complex and too much for one provider to handle. 


We are non-judgmental and strive to be positive in everything we do. We never shy from doing the right thing.

Mother and Baby on Floor

We practice care for our patients quite differently than other clinics.

As an integrated health home that places women at the core of its care model, Alium looks to breakdown all barriers to care.  By addressing whole health-mind and body, patients are getting the healing needed to cope with the pressures and stress of new societal expectations.

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Primary Care

Basic health is often overlooked.  Primary care is essential for promoting overall health, preventing diseases, managing chronic conditions, and providing ongoing support and advocacy for individuals and communities. PCP that is dedicated to your whole health is important.  Our providers look to stop problems before they become more serious.

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Mental Health

Mental health is a  part of over-all health.  We strongly believe that asking about "you" leads to better outcomes.  When we can talk openly about all of your issues, we can treat you with the individualized plan you deserve.  We specialize in therapy for women and all of the mental health issues they face daily.



OBGYN care plays a vital role in supporting women's reproductive health, ensuring optimal outcomes during pregnancy, diagnosing and treating gynecological conditions, and promoting overall well-being at different stages of a woman's life.


Weight Management & Nutrition

Nutrition is important.  What we eat affects our appearance, moods and overall health.  We work to help you be the best you you can be with weight management for women.

Hear from Our Satisfied Patients

Hear from our satisfied patients who have experienced firsthand the difference our approach can make. Read their testimonials and discover how Alium Health and Wellness is changing the way women receive healthcare.

Thank you all for going above and beyond to help get my treatments authorized. You all did so with a positive, compassionate attitude towards me even though I may have been frustrated/in pain and impatient at times.

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